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Full Version: JetPack
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I always hated JetPack. It is sloooow, takes up way too much load time and it is bugged.

This time couldn't load when Jetpack was installed.

Got a ton of mails from JetPack that my site was offline for hours and sometimes days and it is fine to get these mails - if they are sent when the problem occours, which they are not. I get themwhen the site is online after an offline period.

AS usual we start by removing plugins and of course the culprit was: JETPACK!!!

After killing JetPack the site worked perfect again.

So no more JetPack for me  - EVER!
Jetpack is a heavy weight plugin. There is absolutely no point in loading a ton of code and then only use one ot two of the functions.

I prefer using smaller dedicated plugins. That has been my strategy so far and it is much easier to speed optimize a site wiht smaller plugins than with Jetpack!