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Full Version: Does page rank even matter?
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I read somewhere that rank wasn't that important, that even someone who's at #1 in a certain niche, doesn't mean they'll have more traffic than you or anyone else. Rank on Google and page rank are different though. Page rank is your rating of your page while rank on google is the rank within Google.

Anyways, Page rank is just a number and I heard that it doesn't mean someone's site is going to be better or worse than another.

What do you think?
Not really! What is far more important is being no. one in Google search for your keywords. Buuuuuuut.... I think a good page rank can help a little bit along with all the other stuff we can do.
I suppose it can help yes, I just don't see it being as useful as what many people say. It's a nice number to have I'll admit that, but I don't think page rank will help your SEO goals in any way. Actual page location though I can see helping with SEO, but Page Rank is just the amount of backlinks pointing to your site or something along those lines.
Just small question : if page rank does not important, why does we try to make our site #1 ?
What does #1 mean in a race ? Especially that race can bring up "huge reward" for participants ?
PR is just one of many factors. The most important these days are great unique content including images or video. And Backlinks. Domain age is also a factor.

PR, page authority, site authority and link authority are related.
Page rank will come in handy. It's not as important as say overall page position on Google, but it still matters. It's like a rating for your site, if it's high, the better it is. If it's low, then it isn't as popular. I personally believe that pr does help in some ways. Plus, it feels good to see your page rank at a high level. Smile
Oh shiiit ! I couldn't stop my self. Just had to create a PR checker. Check it out here: Page Rank Checker
LOL david WTH!:
I think page rank is real and is very important. I think your thinking of page rating maybe? I don't know. Page rank is what page your site lies upon Google correct? Or is it the overall rank of your site on the whole world wide web?
Well no more PageRank! The new hot is Domain Authority and Page Authority - which actually looks very much like PageRank.
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