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Full Version: My blog
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Hey guys, this is my blog:

It's a free blog from blogspot, and I haven't updated it in many months. I was hoping to make a completely new blog dedicated to different media such as gaming, movies, tv, and music. So I would like to hear your opinions on the site before I do that. I plan to take out the background and replace it with something else, something more practical. I also plan to change the banner of course.

Also, is it possible to change the link? I don't think fotcfolkyou will cut it if I want to make a blog for just about everything.
It is a nice blog. I don't know much about your niche but I heard that gaming and movies are hard competition niches, but then again, I wouldn't know :-) I think that if that is what you really want then by all means go for it! We are here to support each other :-)

I think you should buy your own domain name. Find a good unique one maybe one with a good keyword in it.
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm just putting ideas out there, I haven't decided on anything just yet. It's true that the gaming, movies or ever entertainment in general are really hard niches to get into. I tried a blog about entertainment in general and it didn't go over so well.

The niche I have on it now, is just for the band Flight of the Conchords, which is kind of open, but there's not much going on in the FOTC world so having a site is kind of pointless for it.

I will probably start a website around wordpress and go that route with a domain.
It's quiet simple blog. You should make the banner larger and lighter to attract more people.
Folk You !! Ha ha ! great site :-)
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Why is it that every time someone guarantees top rankings in Google I got to puke?

Bremaine: I like your idea and it seems like you have a passion :-)
I like that you're using a blogspot blog to make this site. How do you take out the blogspot bar on the top of all blogspot blogs? I imagine it's in the HTML. I didn't even know that was allowed.