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Full Version: Dial-up
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Does anyone here still use dial-up? I doubt it, but it is an interesting question to ask. Anyways, I know that there are still cities/towns that still use dial-up. How would you deal with that if you moved to a small town where there was only dial-up?
I have not used Dial-up since 2003 maybe. I can't say for sure. I remember hating it. I actually got cable for a brief time and then went right back to dial-up. I couldn't take it. I was young, but I needed the speed over how slow dial-up was. Plus in these days, sites probably would never load up.
Haha no way! I would never be able to go back to dial-up and simply for reminding me, I am very mad at you. Haha! Just kidding. But in all seriousness, it'd destroy the internet if everyone went back to it. So many sites require fast speeds. Look at netflix, video gaming, and so on, it needs fast internet speeds to truly work seamlessly.
Yeah this is one of my most hated things about the 90s and early 2000s. Dial-up was very annoying back in the day and I would never, ever be able to go back to it. It was bad then, and I can only imagine how bad the internet would be while on a dial-up connection.
I eventually ended up using my modem with a computer based phone list so I could use the modem to dial up to my friends... :-)
Ohhhhh shiiiiit!! That was horrifying!!! My first real modem was 14.4 which I actually used to build my first website. Handcoded HTML/CSS!!!!
Haha, please do not remind me of those horrible days where I had to connect to the internet through the phone. Wasn't fun at all. It also took up the phone like and made things worse. I never liked it and I was so happy when cable came about.