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Full Version: ISP and internet capping
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Okay, a while back I heard that some people wanted to make one giant ISP that could control the internet speeds. Which is dumb. Anyways, what would you all do if your ISP was to cap your internet, or lower your internet speeds? I have a feeling it's going to happen soon, just not sure on when.

What do you think?
This is a real danger I see happening sometime in the future. I hear Comcast and another cable company may be teaming up, if this happens, that could be data caps on their internet. It's something we truly need to watch for. If it happens we need to fight it.
If this happens it will kill the internet. We already get crappy internet speeds. Look at Japan and other tech friendly countries, their internet is so fast it's crazy, I think they have gigs of internet compared to the US's megs of internet speed. It's about time we got what we deserve and that's fast internet.