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Full Version: Remeber AOL
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Does anyone here remember America Online? I remember when the internet started to spring up in homes, they would usually have to get AOL to get internet. Anyways, I remember the days of using said service. It was cool back then, hearing the dial-up sounds, and just connecting to the world wide web for the first time, it was exciting.

Anyways, I know they no longer are a isp, but I just want to talk about the company prior to becoming a general website.

I remember the days with a 75 baud modem connecting to a bulletin board and as modems got faster the bulletin boards 'converted' to webpages and forums.

ATDT (AutomaticDialTone) to dial up :-)
No I don't remember AOL actually. I never had internet during those times so I never knew what it was like to have AOL. I actually had local internet from some local company that did Dial-up internet. It was bad.