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Full Version: If you ran the internet, what would you do?
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If you were to ever run the internet yourself, what would you do? Personally I would do various things and they would be;

1. Keep it open: There's been talks that the US gov wants to make it less open, so that's something I hope never happens.

2. Up the speed: The US is cheated out of internet speeds, we get like 50MB internet while Japan and some other countries get ten times that probably.

3. PCs with routers in them: Okay, Laptops and maybe some new PCs have built in wi-fi, but what about actual routers? Why can't this be done so we can defeat the reason for having another box.

What do you think?
I would just make it completely free to use and just not worry about anything else. Allow users to have free internet and let it be done. I know that would never happen, but it'd be cool to never have to pay for anything ever again. Smile