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Full Version: If the economy falls apart again
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Is there a chance that the economy may fall again? I know that as of late the US economy has been going to crap. I was wondering, what would happen again if the economy tanked so soon after it already tanked once not too long ago?
We will survive some way some how. The world is going downhill everywhere it seems. The US economy is in shambles, and I hear the UK's economy isn't doing so hot as well. We need to provide for ourselves first and foremost. One day things will be good, and I hope I'm here for that moment.
It always does, i have lived for 3 ups and downs and i am not even that old
The biggest problem on economy is that it is a two headed snake. Some people actually get the dollars and others get the debt. The FED can't put a single dollar on the market without at the same time creating a dollar of debt!!! So the fast and greedy gets richer. The rest gets poorer...