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Full Version: Which Email provider do you use
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What provider(s) do you use?
I use:
Email provided by my web host (OVH), because I own a site. (aka GMX)

I registered to earlier this evening, and didn't realise it was the same as GMX, a provider I used to use for about six months or so.

What do you use/recommend Huh

(Also, I feel Gmail is overrated, and that it only really got popular between 2012-2013 because of the fact YouTube and Google+ forced you to use it to sign up, meaning a lot of accounts actually go unused or hardly accessed. Undecided
I have a ton of emails, but all of them forwards to a huge Gmail account which in turn sends a copy to a Yandex mail. This way I always have a backup even if Google goes out of business :-) or if some one hacks one account I still have the other.