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Full Version: Limited internet access?
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I heard that some states will start limting the pages people can visit. Is this the start of an online dictatorship?
I hope this doesnt start happening in my area, that is BS if they did that!
Must be a joke!! Or is it what they call Pay Per view?
I can see it not being a jke but I would like to see a good resource, I just heard this from someone so I dont know. it would be terrible
Thiswould be terrible and it's hopefully just a rumor.
I think what you may be referring to, is what the Government decided they can't stop what an ISP does. I can't be too sure on that, because I can't find a news story on it. Anyways, just remember it is supposed to allow ISP what they want to do, but it doesn't mean ISP will actually limit your bandwidth or anything else. If I find anything, I'll share it with you all.
This is something that would be very alarming to the world.
Well, I think this whole thing has to do with the Government allowing ISP's to cap your internet if they so choose. Of course, that doesn't mean that every ISP will actually go along with capping internet speeds. If they do this, expect to not be able to play video games online, stream netflix, hulu, hbo go and so on.

I don't think anything major will come of this, I do have a fear though that we'll see some form of censorship on the internet.