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Full Version: Your favorite browser?
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I havce used many browsers but in the end FF and Chromehave shown to be the best. What is your favorite and why?
Well I too have used quite a few web browsers in my day, I started with the much annoying Internet Explorer, which is by far the worst browser ever. I then started to use Firefox, which was fantastic, but then came Google Chrome. Which I still use to this day. I've also used some linux based browsers, but I've forgotten the names of some. I also used a variation of Chrome called Chromium, which is basically the same, but it works better with Linux based operating systems.
Is it true that all linux software is free of charge?
I only use firefox now but I like chrome too. Anything but IE!
FF and chrome all the way!

I also started with IE and used it for a long time, but I would never go back unless serious upgrades are made.
I just tried opera and I'm not convinced. It feels lik a FF clone so I will just stick to FF and chrome.
I am exclusive to Google Chrome and Google Chrome alone. Why is it, that it took Google so long to start their own browser? It's by far the fastest browser, at least for me it is. I like Fire Fox as well, it's a really decent browser. And I agree with whomever said Internet Explorer was garbage. I have never liked IE and I never will.
I've used many browsers in my day on this green earth. I actually like Firefox the best out of them all. I've been with Firefox for a very long time. I tried Chrome, but I stuck with FF because it's just more useful to me and for what I use it for.
I still find FF to be the best since and I have tried all of the popular ones.