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Full Version: Imgur
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Does anyone here bother to surf Imgur? I've been frequently surfing the site for some time now, and I have yet to make a single post or comment. Who here is a fan of this site? I like the interesting posts that show up every now and then. Who here is a member there? Do you feel it can be helpful to getting traffic to some sites?
I have never browsed it but I just chedl it and it seems interesting. They dont seem to have categories though?
I have frequently used the site to get upvotes and gain some form of traffic for my sites. But I haven't been able to get the traffic I desire. It is a fun to go through, there's a lot of great articles, posts, pictures on there that I just feel it's right to check the place out often.
I heard a lot of people become popular on that site, and a lot of people get into serious arguments over each other's popularity. It's kind of idiotic how some people become famous and now people are fighting because of it. It makes no sense. I can see it being useful for advertising to some extent, I just don't know how one would do it.