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Full Version: Will Internet get faster?
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I was wondering, do you guys think we'll see a more powerful internet service come up soon? We have Google fiber, which sadly, is limited to a select couple states in the US, but I hope they come out for every country in the near future. Anyways, do you think we'll ever get on the level of internet speed that Japan has?

What do you think?
Internet will get faster at some point, and I feel that ISP will roll a higher speed in the near future. They of course wont release speeds like in Japan, but we'll get better speeds eventually. And this Google fiber you speak of, sounds very appealing. Hopefully it comes out for the whole world at some point. I would love really fast internet.
I really hope it does. Sites, video games, programs of all sorts are getting more advanced and more powerful, and that takes up internet speed, so yes it needs to happen. I know it's possible for them to heighten the speed any day, they could have done so many years ago. They just want out money and give us small amounts until we all realize they're stealing from us.