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Full Version: Internet censorship
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This has been coming up in the news as of late and I was wondering what you guys thought about internet censorship? I know for one, that it'll be a really bad thing for the internet and will only hurt the many site owners out there. I want to know what you'd do if the internet were to ever get censored.
Well, it seems like it's already happening in some regions of the world.
It will start to be regulated in some regions but as usual people will find way to watch anything somehow.
I don't know for sure if the US will have to deal with internet censorship. If we do, I know what I'm going to do, use some kind of ip changer to make it look like I live in another country so I can do whatever I want. The idea of censorship is just ridiculous.
If this is to happen, it could hurt many of us and our sites. I know for a fact many sites will be torn down because of censorship, so if it ever comes to law, we have to fight it, because there's no knowing what this can do to all of us.
I don't think anyone can really censor the internet. There's just too much to it and censoring the internet will kill it. I think that the internet is best the way it is. Yes there's a lot of bad stuff on the web, but that's part of what we have to deal with. I just wont search for the bad stuff.
I think the US will do something to control the internet one of these days, which I absolutely hate the idea of. If it happens I will gladly protest that. The idea gets on my nerves, simply because the government thinks they can control everything. Let us have our freedom. Yes some bad things are on the web, but that's life. It wont stop people from getting bad material anyways.