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Full Version: Best internet speed booster?
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I have heard that thereis software to optimize the speed of your current connection. Which one is the best for this?
None of that stuff works. They are usually meant to sell something else to you.
Yeah these programs/apps/software are usually just junk software. I remember a friend purchasing one of these types of programs, to help increase the speed of his computer or internet speed. But it's kind of impossible to do. With the changing times and older devices becoming slower because of supped up programs and so on.

You're better off having a good anti-virus program (Microsoft Security Essentials) and just watch what you're doing online.
No such thing as an Internet Booster!
They are all crap and they will probably slow yout pc even more because of the spyware they have most of the time.
Yeah I agree with everyone here. There doesn't seem to be anything worthy of using such programs. I've watched those infomercials that promise to make your computer faster, but they've been known to be total hacks.